4 Celebs Who Lost Their Lives While on Stage

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3. Darrell Abbott

It’s time to talk about another tragic story, and this time, it’s all about music. Darrell Abbott, also known as Dimebag, was passionate about rock, and together with his brother Vinne Paul, they founded one of the most popular groove metal bands, called Pantera.

Darrell was a fantastic guitarist, and thanks to his amazing talent, he was considered one of the most significant guitarists in heavy metal history.

Pantera wasn’t meant to last, and the bandmates went their separate ways, looking for different things. Darrell decided to found another band, called Damageplan, but people weren’t happy with his decision and blamed him for Pantera’s demise.

It seems that the fan was more upset than the others, because on December 8th, 2004, while the rock guitarist was performing in Colombus, Ohio, Nathan Gale, a man who loved Pantera and who was a former marine, managed to get close to the stage and ended Darrell Abbott’s life by shooting him in the head three times.

But the musician wasn’t the only one who lost his life on that tragic day in December. Gale also killed one of the security guards of the band and an audience member who kept trying to revive Darrell. The police came, and they shot Gale dead.

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