7 Dead Celebs from Plane and Helicopter Crashes

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2. Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera was a very appreciated star due to her successful business, singing career, and budding acting career. Unfortunately, on December 9th, 2002, after she’d just had a concert in New Mexico, she was killed while she was in her helicopter.

The tragic incident happened soon after takeoff, and when the aircraft crashed, the celeb immediately lost her life. Authorities in Mexico have verified that the plane’s remains were discovered in the state of Nuevo Leon, adding that none of the 7 people on board survived the crash.

Experts discovered that after taking off from Monterrey, Mexico, the place where Rivera had a magnificent show, the Learjet carrying the musician lost communication with air traffic control authorities.

The transportation ministry of Mexico issued a statement saying that contact had been lost around 60 kilometers away. Toluca is a suburb of Mexico City, and the plane was expected to land there before daybreak.

Since that day, the world has lost one of the most influential women it has ever had: a popular star who managed to sell more than 20 million albums globally during her life.

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1 thought on “7 Dead Celebs from Plane and Helicopter Crashes”

  1. Susie Crawford

    There are many more than these that have lost their lives in aircraft accidents. John Denver, Alliyah, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc.

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