7 Dead Celebs from Plane and Helicopter Crashes

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5. Roberto Clemente

When it comes to Major League Baseball, Roberto Clemente was the first Latin American to become a household name. He was a baseball superstar and a symbol of Latin American pride whose memory will live long after his death.

Clemente, a 38-year-old baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was an active philanthropist, and on the day he lost his life, he was on his way to Managua, Nicaragua, to deliver aid and supplies following the country’s devastating earthquake.

But something tragic happened, and the aircraft crashed into the ocean off the coast of Puerto Rico because it was overloaded with goods by more than 4,200 pounds. What’s even worse for his family members is that his remains were never found.

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1 thought on “7 Dead Celebs from Plane and Helicopter Crashes”

  1. Susie Crawford

    There are many more than these that have lost their lives in aircraft accidents. John Denver, Alliyah, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc.

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