7 Dead Celebs from Plane and Helicopter Crashes

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6. Joe and Gwen Lara

Joe Lara was an American actor, martial artist, and singer best remembered for his portrayal of Tarzan in the 1960s television series “Tarzan: The Epic Adventures”.

His wife, Gwen Lara, was very popular for her approach to weight loss and physical health. She used to say that the differences in people’s body sizes could not be accounted for by factors like heredity, metabolism, or the ability to change one’s conduct.

Lara made the “Weigh Down Workshop” in 1986. It was a weight-loss program where people didn’t have to keep food diaries, follow strict exercise plans, measure and write down their progress all the time, or keep track of calories.

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1 thought on “7 Dead Celebs from Plane and Helicopter Crashes”

  1. Susie Crawford

    There are many more than these that have lost their lives in aircraft accidents. John Denver, Alliyah, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc.

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