4 Worst Years in History to Be Alive

Worst Years In History
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What would you consider the worst years in history to be alive?

We already know that our human history has had many ups and downs. But for every great triumph, there’s been a devastating disaster. Moreover, the narrative isn’t necessarily linear, with things improving constantly.

And there’s abundant evidence to show that sometimes things can get worse…much, much worse. But still, pinpointing single years as shining examples of badness is very challenging. That said, however, some periods were undoubtedly worse than others.

Some were standalone bad years, like 12 consecutive months in which it all seemed to go wrong for humans. Other years were simply depths within a more extended period of misery. They were the actual low points, the worst years of wars, famines, or genocides.

Of course, the question of what was the worst year in all of human history is constantly being debated. And the truth is no right or wrong answer exists, no matter what some anthropologists or scientists might say.

All we can do is put in our two cents and back up our claims with facts and historical evidence. So on that note, here’s what we believe are the 4 worst years in history to be alive!

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  1. While 6 million Jews were killed in Hitler’s concentration camps, overall 11 million people were killed in them. My Italian father-in-law who headed the resistance in his hometown in Northern Italy managed to survive.

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