8 Food “Hacks” That Put Your Life at Risk

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Blow torch wine hack

We know what’s your problem: do you have a bottle of wine that you can’t open? Well, there are a bunch of wacky hacks you can try in order to get the job done. However, none of them actually seem quite as dangerous as the blow torch method.

The theory says that if you heat the bottle right above the cork, the air will start to expand underneath it, pushing the cork up and out. Yes, fire, glass, and wine sound ideally, right? However, one man’s real-life attempt at this hack actually proved that the blow torch can open your bottle indeed, but not because the cork popped out nicely.

More like the bottle completely exploded, and sent flying glass all over the place.

Pasta draining hack

There’s a cooking hack that won the internet in 2017 when a social media post that was depicting the “proper” way of draining pasta became viral. The method basically implies placing the colander INSIDE, in the boiling water, and holding it in place while it drains.

The benefits? We currently can’t see any, because first, you start losing all the liquid gold, also known as the starchy pasta water you might want to use in the sauce), and two, you could get burned.

But according to James Briscione, director of culinary research at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, “there are many wrong things about this. First, let’s start from the safety perspective.

There’s an increased risk of burning yourself, either because of the pot or the water you pour it out. If you aren’t sure of the way you’re holding it, there’s a very good chance of pouring pasta into your sink, which is not very hygienic. Depending on how hot is the pot, there’s also a big chance of melting the colander and actually ruining the pot.

Salmon in the dishwasher hack

It’s true: cooking salmon (and in fact, any other food) in the dishwasher is a thing that people actually do. And yes, it works. But even so, should we really do it? If you want to make dishwasher salmon, first you seal up the fish, then you run the wash cycle as you usually do.

Then, the hot water that comes from the cleaning cycle, alongside the steam from the drying cycle will “gently” cook the fish, depending on how long the dishwasher runs, you will probably dig into a tender fillet in two hours.

Yep, that’s right: two hours. I bet you’re thinking now…why would you cook a salmon fillet in two hours, when you can simply cook it in 30 minutes? We have the same question.

Can opener hack

While this might be a bit hard to swallow, we have a couple of bad news for you: You have been using that can opener completely wrong your whole life. The opener should be on the top of the can, not on the side, as you’ve probably been doing since forever.

However, Mom vs. host Nicole McLaughlin decided to test this hack and even though she managed to open the can, the “proper” method ended in a jagged metal edge and little pieces of the paper label in the food.

It’s true when you open a can the old way, you might end up with a sharp point, but it’s still better than putting yourself at the risk of slicing up your hands.

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