7 US Cities With The Most Dangerous Thunderstorms

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1. Lakeland, Florida

It is hardly surprising that several areas of Florida report the most stormy days in the country, with up to 100 to 300 storm days annually. Wow, that’s a lot! The Gulf Coast, starting in the Everglades and ending north of Lakeland, is the region that is most frequently struck.

Only in Lakeland, Florida, will you experience around 100 thunderstorm days per year, which makes it the rainiest city in America. This means it is raining more in Lakeland than in Tampa, which is pretty close to it.

2. Tampa, Florida

Although it can’t compete with its neighbor Lakeland, Tampa is still one of the rainiest cities in the country. With a subtropical climate and only two different seasons, Tampa manages to get around 51 inches of rain annually which is more than the average of 38 inches a year. Quite a lot!

However, Tampa’s rainy season begins in August so you might have enough time to prepare for it and remember to get that home insurance for your safety.

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