7 US Cities With The Most Dangerous Thunderstorms

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3. Sangre de Christo Mountains, New Mexico

The only spot outside Florida that can compete with the two previously mentioned regions is a little area in northern New Mexico in the Sangre de Christo mountains located near the tiny town of Cimarron, where thunderstorms happen approximately 110 days a year. Since there are typically 30 thunderstorm days in July, you’ll probably spend the entire month indoors.
Are you familiar with this region? Do you live nearby or do you have pals who may be here?

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

The average number of storms per year in Colorado is around 80, which is greater than the average of 51 stormy days per year and is considered to be one of the stormiest regions in all of America. More lightning fatalities occurred in Colorado Springs than in any other state in the union outside Florida (over 39).

We beg to differ in these statistics primarily due to the yearly influx of tourists and the frequent reports of mishaps involving people climbing mountains in the summer’s wet season. Due to the frequent heavy rains and fatalities that occur during thunderstorms in its national parks, Wyoming consistently ranks among the most dangerous areas during the summer, along with Colorado.

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