5 Most Terrifying Cases of Home Invasion Yet to Be Solved

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…Home invasions are scary. Terrifying. And devastating! 

That’s our subject for today’s article. Dark, I know, but we need to be informed, right? An intruder breaking into your house might be one of the most horrific experiences someone can have. Having an outsider break into your safe space is a terrifying prospect, and once they’re there, all sorts of terrible things might happen.

It’s so scary that businesses like home security have sprung up to capitalize on people’s terror of crime. It’s also a factor in the justification for statutes like the Castle Doctrine. This notion is so terrible that in certain cases, you might be justified in killing an intruder.

Some home invasions, on the other hand, are still a mystery to the public eye. We have no idea what exactly happened and why, but here is what we do know about all these things. Without further ado, here are the most terrifying cases of home invasion yet to be solved:

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