Warning: Americans Should Prepare for an Earthquake (5 Tips)

earthquake safety measures
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Do you know how to protect yourself in case of an earthquake? 

Everyone thought that after three years of pandemics, this year would be better, but the universe had other plans, and 2023 doesn’t look promising either. At the beginning of this month, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck near the Syrian border in southern Turkey. A magnitude 7.5 earthquake that occurred around 59 miles (95 kilometers) to the southwest of this one occurred about nine hours after the first one. As of February 9, at least 1,206 aftershocks had been recorded. Wow, that’s terrible! The 1939 earthquake was surpassed in strength by the recent one, making it the most catastrophic earthquake to strike Turkey in more than 20 years.

Unfortunately, earthquakes come unannounced, and all we can do is take precautionary measures to take care of ourselves. Thankfully, there are easy precautions families may take to be more prepared to protect their kids when earthquakes occur. Click on the next page to see the rest of the article!

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