Putin’s Finger Is on the Nuclear Bomb: Here’s Where You Could Hide

nuclear bomb
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On February 20th, President Vladimir Putin released a warning to the West over Ukraine, by suspending Russian involvement in a landmark nuclear arms control treaty. He declared that the new strategic systems had been released on combat duty, and threatened to resume their nuclear tests.

Almost a year after initiating a horrible invasion that triggered one of the biggest confrontations with the West in 60 years, Putin declared that Russia will eventually achieve its goals, and didn’t miss the chance of accusing the West of attempting to destroy it.

Given all this, the nuclear threat is once again on the rise. And besides the fact that the two world leaders are doing their best to prove themselves, we’re here…waiting for the aftermath. The question is…what happens in case of a nuclear war? Where can we go? Click next to find out!

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5 thoughts on “Putin’s Finger Is on the Nuclear Bomb: Here’s Where You Could Hide”

  1. We can find old underground bomb shelters that were constructed during the second world war (WWII). Some old hospitals that I know have underground shelters.

  2. A deterrent could be the threat that we will come for you with conventional methods after you have spent your nukes——– I, Grampa

  3. We need to watch nursing homes because dems have been going in and harvesting votes from people who have been drooling on themselves for years. Totally unable to make a decision.

  4. 3Xe1ioaiNITxtqNW5CaZEzpxpY4ggtEQJVxO4x0v98I=

    just bend over and kiss your butt good bye
    there are NOT that many places to hide and the amount of people to squeeze into one place, and the length of time after fall out, and the water and food contaminated from radiation and the air,
    just hope it never happens

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