Gun Control: Ranking Your Right to Bear Arms by 10 States

Gun Control
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Best: Most gun-friendly states

Alaska: Alaska is at the top of our list with no-permit-needed concealed carry, the highest gun ownership rate, and highly self-defense-friendly laws.

It no longer requires a law-enforcement officer to sign off on NFA-restricted purchases and transfers. And while there’s not much commercial or competitive shooting activity, its hunting opportunities are rightly famous.

Arizona: This state is one of the best destinations for gun owners: robust concealed carry law, open carry statutes, no permit needed, and pro-victim use-of-force regulations for self-defense.

Add to that a competitive shooting scene and a bustling commercial industry, and you have one of the friendliest and most welcoming locations for gun control you could ask for.

Idaho: Idaho doesn’t require its residents to have a permit for concealed carry and also keeps a hands-off policy on NFA items and banning guns or accessories by type.

In mid-2018, this state took a massive step toward gun ownership by revising its self-defense laws and deleting the legal duty-to-retreat statute.

Wyoming: While it’s a state of incredible vistas, wildlife, and few people, Wyoming is also quickly becoming a destination for gun owners.

New laws clarifying no duty to retreat by citizens, besides existing no-permit concealed carry, have enhanced what was already a pro-gun state. The state’s vast recreational training, shooting, and hunting opportunities correspond perfectly with this sparsely populated location.

Oklahoma: This state recognizes that all other states’ CCW permits have no restrictions on any kind of guns, or accessories, including NFA items. It has been pushing for proper no-permit carry for a long time.

But that was unfortunately thwarted recently by their governor. It has a thriving long-range shooting culture thanks to its flat and wide-open expanses.

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