Gun Control: Ranking Your Right to Bear Arms by 10 States

Gun Control
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Worst: Least gun-friendly states

New York: As the headquarters of Michael Bloomberg and other anti-2A leadership, this state might as well be Mordor for gun owners: magazine and firearm bans, handgun registration, united efforts to regulate and attack gun-related businesses, no NFA item ownership, and service providers by insurance and financial institutions… the list is practically endless.

Topping it all is a permitting system that’s beyond harsh, and New York City requires a separate and impossible-to-obtain permit… Unless you know someone who knows someone, obviously!

New Jersey: This state has had it in for gun owners for quite a while, and a recent fleet of anti-gun bills signed into law hasn’t done anything to help that reputation or its citizens.

Confiscatory “Red Flag” laws, caliber and bullet-type bans, magazine capacity restrictions, a de facto ban on NFA items, tedious and restrictive requirements, in practice, if not by law, and an aggressive legal system against gun owners. And New Jersey shows no signs of reversing this trend.

Massachusetts: New England states are, in many ways, the prototype by which many liberals see the US’s laws molded. And the state of Massachusetts is no exception.

A ban on semi-automatics that has fought legal challenges, vague confiscation provisions, magazine capacity restrictions, and an overall atmosphere of anti-gun ownership makes this a state to avoid if you love guns and freedom.

Washington, DC: While recently forced to recognize the point on the issue of CCW permits to residents living in DC, this state is still mostly against gun ownership.

General bans on types of firearms and capacity, comprehensive registration requirements, a ban on NFA items, and some laws about citizens’ duty to retreat when confronted make the US capitol a place to avoid unless you’re unarmed.

California: For many years, California has been the tip of the iceberg on anti-gun legislation. The state’s assault weapons ban mandates the registration of classes of formerly legal firearms and seems to be growing broader.

The state also limits the purchase age for guns and an indecipherable county-by-county issue basis for CCW permits. Then again, they have other strict policies, as well, including home ownership and tax laws.

What are your thoughts on gun control and the gun-friendly states we mentioned? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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