4 Worst Animal Caused Disasters in History

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Did you know some of the world’s biggest disasters have been caused by animals?

Pets are something a lot of us have to deal with on a daily basis, especially if you live in the countryside. However, despite not being in a rural area, you can still have problems with these animals and insects that just love to take over any area they can fit in. Be it that you have issues with some cockroaches or you have seen a mouse, or worse, a rat, in your apartment complex, they have unfortunately become a daily occurrence for some of us.

However, what some of us aren’t aware of is the fact that they were actually way more prevalent. Some of humanity’s worse disasters have been caused by insects or animals! And while we have not seen something of the same proportions yet, with how unstable the weather has been, there is a chance to see some of these have a comeback of epic proportions.

From disease-carrying animals and insects to severe issues caused by their actions or just sheer numbers, we have gathered some of the worst disasters caused by pests! And in one case, one of them was initially caused by humans with the help of some insects!

Let us know if you’ve ever had to deal with these types of pests in the comments down below!

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