8 Common Things Devastated By Coronavirus

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4. Going to the movies

Of course, the rise of online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime has changed the way we consume our media, but the cinematic experience is still something many people want to enjoy. Large tent pole blockbusters, for example, just don’t have the same visual and auditory experience on a television or a computer monitor as it does sitting in a cinema watching on a big screen surrounded by like-minded patrons.

As restrictions are being to lift, cinemas are starting to open back up. However, due to continuing social distancing measures, the cinema’s capacity will be vastly reduced, as will the atmosphere of the cinema itself. Many people are choosing to avoid the cinema altogether to minimize any chance of catching the virus. Hollywood might have to take a long hard look at how it presents its pictures, with Disney leading the way by releasing their live-action remake of Mulan by streaming on their channel to test the proverbial waters.

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