6 Warning Signs of a Mass Shooting

mass shooting
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1. Bullying

According to a study by Lee, JeeHae Helen in Review of Higher Education and Self-Learning, two leading causes of school shootings are bullying (87%) and psychiatric drugs (12%). Also, most school shooters were early claiming and leaving behind evidence indicating they were victims of severe and long-term bullying.

School shooters are often experiencing humiliation and long-term bullying. Also, some of them are on prescribed psychiatric medications which frequently lead to suicide or revenge. A lot of warnings have been made by psychiatrists regarding this type of person.

This type of sign applies to all kinds of shooters. Whether they are scholars or adults, bullying can lead anyone to do these horrifying things.

The main point is to raise awareness about bullying, we should always be careful and considerate with others around us, search for signs that they are bullied and talk to them, make them feel safe, or ask them questions about how they feel. We all can contribute to the greater good!

2. Excessive irritability

Another sign that could indicate a mass shooting is the person being very irritated. Some people respond with anger when they are frustrated or sad. For example, they can’t have a normal conversation without being annoyed by what the other person says.

If you know someone that is suddenly withdrawing from anyone around them and don’t have any patience for anybody when approached, you should raise some awareness! People are suffering in silence and when they have a breakdown, we might all suffer.

3. Direct threats

If you happen to hear or know someone that is talking very violently towards another person or even themselves, those are red flags. Some mass shooters tend to be vocal about their problems and reveal evidence that they are planning something awful.

A lot of shootings could have been avoided if the shooter’s closest friends or family would’ve reported their storage behavior. Shooters sometimes indicate their intentions, but others don’t believe them.

One of the most horrific mass shootings happened in a school, two decades ago, and it is still remembered to this day, if you want to read more about the case click here Columbine High School Shooting – 1999

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