6 Warning Signs of a Mass Shooting

mass shooting
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4. Bragging about guns

When someone brags about having guns or having access to them in a threatening way, it might be a warning sign that they might be a threat. While owning a gun is not inherently problematic, it becomes a real concern when the owner is showing alarming signs.

Is important to mention that not everybody who brags about guns is a potential threat to others, some people are just very passionate about them and seize every opportunity to talk about guns.

5. Persistent thoughts of harming

Expressing the wish to harm themselves or others is a huge red flag you need to take into consideration. This is not a normal thing to want or wish for, only someone who has a problem with their person or others is going to make these statements.

More than that, if these people have a history of violence and aggression then it should be concerning. If you know someone like this, it is important to seek help for them and the people around them, you can talk to the police or with a mental health professional.

6. They are cruel to animals

Some studies show that a person who is cruel to animals is more likely to engage in violent behaviors such as mass shootings.

In addition, a person who tends to be aggressive with animals could have mental health problems, such as anxiety or even depression.

While this is certainly a possible sign, it’s crucial to remember that various reasons make a contribution to someone becoming a mass shooter. Mass shootings are complex events that cannot be simplified in some steps. Only experts are able to determine exactly if someone has the traits of a mass shooter.

With this article, we hope that we’ve raised awareness about some of the signs that indicate an individual is prone to become a violent person who can affect other people. By staying united and humble, we can create an environment that can put the well-being of every individual first.

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