7 Dangerous Weapons ONLY The US Has

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

2. Boeing Laser Avenger

Manufactured by Boeing and released in 2009, the Avenger’s laser is made to cut through artillery shells with a blink of an eye. Yeah, you’ll probably think of the Marvel movies and associate them with all the super heroes out there. Somehow this gun was designed to have the strength to destroy and create damage more than any other American weapon.

The Avenger Laser is also made to take down aerials that are hard to reach with other artillery. What other things do you know about this weapon? Tell us in the comments.

3. AA12 Atchisson Assault Shotgun

This weapon was manufactured in 2005 by Maxwell Atchisson. It’s probably one of the “easiest” guns ever invented because it can be used only with one hand. Furthermore, the AA12 Atchisson Assault Shotgun can discharge five 12-gauge projectiles per second, while a typical shotgun’s recoil is engineered to be only 10% of that rate. The AA12 can shoot up to 9,000 rounds without needing to be cleaned or jamming, according to testing on the weapon. It was built for long-term combat use. The 20-round drum may be discharged at a target with just a four-second trigger hold.

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