7 Dangerous Weapons ONLY The US Has

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

6. The Active Denial system

This weapon looks more like a car from the Mad Max movies! manufactured by Raytheon and released in 2008, is a pretty powerful gun. The Active Denial System works like a laser with “electromagnetic waves” that can easily reach the skin in a blink of an eye. And because of that, it was nicknamed “Goodbye Weapon.” Fortunately, there were no significant effects from the exposure; at least, these were the results of the tests. The gun was taken to Afghanistan in 2010, but only for a short while because a couple of months later it was strangely brought back.

This weapon is a non-lethal one, mostly designed for crowd control and perimeter security.

7. MAARS Robot (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System)

The MAARS Robot is a bomb-disposal robot that may be controlled remotely. The MAARS can be customized to meet specific requirements by adding an MB240 machine gun and a 40mm grenade launcher, bean bag guns, a loudspeaker, and an eye-dazzling laser, smoke, or pepper spray. With a remote weapon like the MAARS, no rounds have yet been fired in battle.

This smart weapon, manufactured and released by QinetiQ-QQ in 2009, is still in use.

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