4 Most Expensive Wars That Cost America a Fortune

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Have you ever wondered just how expensive wars end up being for the United States?

We are all aware that war is not a cheap endeavor, given how much just the logistics of fighting cost, not to mention the troops’ health and food.War is a terrible thing, but over the years, all citizens of countries that have been in a country participating in wars have seen just how expensive it can get to the general population and how harsh such times can be, even when civilians are not actively fighting.

Despite times changing from the First and Second World Wars, when we could see the shortages much easier, it doesn’t mean that U.S. taxpayers haven’t been paying a lot of money in order to sustain wars outside of our borders. Sure, no war since WWII has cost America as much as that one (which stands at a staggering $4.7 trillion), but that doesn’t mean they weren’t expensive either.

How much have these wars cost the United States on average?Around $100 billion Yet, which one of the recent ones has been the most expensive? Today we look at four of the most famous ones and how expensive they have been!

Let us know which total cost has surprised you most in the comments!

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