6 Volcanoes in The US You Should NEVER Visit

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Are the active volcanoes in the United States as dangerous as they seem since they can be visited?

Not a lot of people would go around and actively seek to visit active volcanoes, but even if a volcano is dormant, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is now safe and a great tourist attraction. Our beautiful country is home to a wide range of volcanoes, and while some of them have lost their titles as volcanoes in favor of those of mountains, it doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

A lot of volcanoes have eruption patterns that come and go every tens, hundreds, and even thousands of years, while the more active ones are so unpredictable you never know when they could explode. This is just one aspect that makes these impressive giants so dangerous, as the eruption is just the first part of the disaster.

In order to refresh your memory about the most active or famous volcanoes in our country, we have gathered some of them and presented them to you here. Whether you can visit them today or not, it is always better to know when you are stepping on a volcano as opposed to a simple mountain!

Have you visited any of these before?

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