Top 5 Most Violent States to Live in The US

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FBI records show a 30% spike in murder rates, the highest one-year increase since the 1960s, as violent crime rates in the US have skyrocketed since 2019. However, other violent crimes like assault and crimes against property declined over the same time span.

The global coronavirus epidemic caused contentious stay-at-home orders, widespread economic concern, and other extraordinary events in 2020. The United States maintained its ranking as the 121st most peaceful nation in the world among 163 nations, according to the Institute for Economics & Peace’s Global Peace Index report.

In terms of both people and area, the U.S. is a huge nation. Because of the size and diversity of the population, different states will have different crime rates. Based on rates of violent crime between 2020 and 2022, find out which 5 states in America are the most dangerous.

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  1. I lived in Detroit at a time when you could go to bed leaving your door open. ( we had to because we had no air conditioning) To add to the data we had no central heat, no hot water tank, no telephone, no TV. no carpets. In general we were all poor. what we had was a neighborhood where everyone knew everyone else. A fact we could rely upon was we never knew who was going to be sitting at our table for dinner. My Da was one of the fortunate to have a job. he was a ditch digger for Wayne county. once a week he would bring home two twenty pound bags of potatoes. These helped feed the people who struggled in those times. My mother had a peddle powered sewing machine that helped keep our clothes in good repair. she spent many hours repairing and reworking clothing for the hand-me downs we all wore. no designer anything. yet with all the poverty crime was low. it was usually done by the people that were vagrants and the bums that were always begging for a meal. Growing up I cant remember a murder that happened in our neighborhood. Today we are separated by our TV cellphones and air conditioning. we dont know who lives two doors down from us. I remember people out walking and talking to each other as they would stop by each house in turn to drop off a piece of clothing to be fitted to a child now grown out of it and now used by a sibling. No we didnt toss out things. we repaired them. today things are made to break and repurchased again and again. We had the same refrigerator for twenty years (one of the first on the block). Today we are told that we deserve more because life isnt fair. we deserve a job because of the color of our skin or our gender or lack of it. To demand that we have a skill or actually show up for work or on time is raciest. We have a right to health care and free schooling. has anyone figured out what will happen when the amount of people receiving free stuff outpaces the ones that actually work? well I see it. crime raises. murder raised because demands for respect and equality are not met. we see kids killed for a set of sneakers, or designer shirt. Somehow our clothing makes us who we are. or that is what the perception has become. our kids steal it because they are told it is somehow owed to them because of skin color or gender. I had three jobs at the age of ten. I was rich at payday which was a total of five dollars. half that went to my mother for food. Today government prevents small business from hiring kids. they grow up with no work ethics again believing that they are owed a job that must pay top dollar for little work. When we look closely at the problems of society many are created by government. Many will die as our government collapse’s. Devastating disasters? its coming are you ready?———— I Grampa

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