Flurona vs. Kraken Variant: Which One Is More Dangerous?

kraken covid
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…Have you heard about the Kraken Variant? 

After 3 years since COVID-19 was detected and 1 year since there’s been a war in our world, you probably think that you’ve faced the worst things possible, and maybe it’s time for the plane to calm down and return to what we used to consider normal: peace and fewer health infections.

Unfortunately, what you imagine is not always reality. So guess who’s back to haunt people: COVID-19. It’s more dangerous than ever, and it even developed another variant called the Kraken.

This new version of the new coronavirus is a highly infectious “recombinant” variant that is made up of 2 separate BA.2 strains. Sadly, it has swiftly become the most common form of COVID in the United States and is continuing to spread throughout the country.

According to specialists, THE XBB.1.5 version immediately gained notoriety because it’s more infectious than its previous variants. Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House’s COVID specialist, said in a tweet that the new variant jumped from 4% of sequences to 40% in only a few weeks. He added that this new type of SARS-CoV-2 is actually more dangerous than other omicron variants.

So what are the differences between Flurona and the Kraken variant? Let’s find out! We’ll discuss everything on the next page!

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