5 Unexpected Things You Must Have in Case of Disaster

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3. Pencil and notepad

Since you can write with it, a pencil will always come in handy. It can be useful alone, but if you pair it with a notepad, they will do a great job together. In the event that something bad happens and all communication lines are cut, the ability to leave messages becomes an incredibly powerful tool. You can use them to write notes, draw maps, or leave messages.

We advise you to choose a pencil over a pen because pens can easily be affected by changes in temperature, which can make them not work anymore. Also, if you already have the pencil shaper in your kit, you can use it to always keep your pencil sharp.

One of the best notepads you can put in your survival kit is the Rite in the Rain notepad. This notepad is more durable and does better in harsh conditions than regular paper pads.

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