5 Most Devastating Things Biden Did to America

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The supply chain crisis won’t stop too soon

Because of pandemic lockdowns, vaccines, labor shortages, and increasing demands for consumer goods, we know we face a domestic and international supply chain crisis that will negatively affect American families.

Materials and equipment are no longer sent to factories as scheduled, shipments and finished products aren’t reaching their distributors, and congestion and other transportation issues are making things impossible for shipments.

President Biden failed to keep his promise and provide relief from supply chain bottlenecks. Now, cargo ships have to wait farther out at sea. The National Federation of Independent Business conducted a survey, and 64% of small businesses cited the supply chain crisis as the main reason they raised their prices.

Democrats play around with COVID restrictions and mask mandates

President Biden and his administration seem to have championed mask mandates everywhere, even in places where there weren’t any clear benefits for kids. Children have to see all facial expressions so they can understand emotions, process the language, and also learn how to pronounce words.

But how can you do all that when everyone is walking around with masks on their faces? There are many studies that confirm just how harmful face masks are to a child’s ability to learn. Children must see faces so they can fully develop, both emotionally and socially.

Also, the policies supported by our current administration make things harder for women, as they are unable to return to or remain in the workforce. Mothers want to return to work, but because of all these unscientific COVID policies that damaged daycare centers’ schedules, they didn’t have a chance.

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