10 Cruel Animal Tourist Ventures People Still Go To

Photo by Schlachta Stanislav from Shutterstock

Riding elephants

This process of training is known as “the crush”. Basically, elephants are forced to submit to giving rides to tourists, according to World Animal Protection. This oftentimes might involve restraining the baby elephant in small cages, even tying them with ropes and chains. Even more, it also implies beating them with a bull hook, as the organization showed.

Taking tiger selfies

World Animal Protection declared that tiger cubs are taken from their mothers from a very young age, so tourist attractions can use them as “photo crops” for hours in a row. The cubs are handled and hugged by numerous tourists, chained to concrete floors, or in small cages.

For example, in Thailand, World Animal Protection discovered 10 venues that were holding 614 tigers. Tiger tourism is very prevalent in Thailand, but also in other regions of Asia, Australia, Mexico, and even Argentina.

Walking along with lions

According to World Animal Protection, lion cubs are also bred and taken away from their mothers at a very early age, within one month. It seems that they need to supply the growing lion tourist industry, so the demand is very high.

When cubs grow and become too big, they use them for walking-with-lions tourist experiences. Experienced handlers walk the lions on leads, so the tourists can feel safe when they’re walking with the poor animals.

Visiting bear parks

Bears are kept for their entire lives in overcrowded, stinky pits, which can cause them a lot of stress, according to World Animal Protection. In fact, some bears are even forced to perform circus tricks.

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1 thought on “10 Cruel Animal Tourist Ventures People Still Go To”

  1. Humans have always been cruel to animals. God gave them to us to care for and be good stewards over, not abuse, hunt and kill. As a child the first abused animals I learned about were dogs, cats & horses. How sad that there is NO animal safe in this world. What ‘world animal rescues’ do for these animals, be they cats, dogs, horses, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, Hippos, Rhino’s, dolphins, wolves, seals, lions, tigers and soooo many more, is nothing short of amazing. A few bad apples can lead a species to extinction…I donate regularly to several animal rescue organizations and wish more people would. God bless those ‘in the trenches’ who do ALL the meaningful work.

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