10 Cruel Animal Tourist Ventures People Still Go To

Photo by Philip Lange from Shutterstock

Holding sea turtles

Holding a sea turtle will immediately cause a ton of stress to the animal. In fact, it can even weaken its immune system, which makes it more susceptible to disease, as the organization claimed.

Dolphins performing shows

The United States is only one example of countries that decided to ban dolphins from being taken from the wild for entertainment, as World Animal Protection declared in its report. These dolphins spend their entire lives in a small environment, which is very restrictive in comparison to their natural open sea environment.

Many dolphins have developed stress-related illnesses, that can eventually lead to heart attacks and gastric ulcers.

Dancing monkeys

Various species of primates are currently used as street entertainment. World Animal Protection managed to discover 290 macaques that were housed in venues, offering shows in Thailand. Monkeys are trained from a very young age to walk and behave humanly. When they aren’t performing as they’re “supposed to”, they simply end up being chained.

Touring civet cat coffee plantations

The Civets are exploited to make civet coffee or Kopi Luwak, which costs as much as $100 per cup. Kopi Luwak is seen as a delicacy, as it is made from beans within the cherries that civets eat and then excrete in pellets.

In theory, the process doesn’t imply cruel practices, as pellets are collected in the wild. However, in an effort to produce more coffee, farmers began catching the civets and feeding them berries, as the reports are showing. Force-feeding only results in injuries, diseases, and poor nutrition. Tourists can visit these plantations, watch the animals and even taste the coffee.

Charming snakes and kissing cobras

This has been practiced on the streets for hundreds of years. Cobras are captured in the wild and rapidly defanged. But do you know how? By using metal pliers. Also, their venom ducts are blocked, which can cause them a series of awful and painful infections.

Farming crocodiles

Crocodile farming usually involves keeping a very big number of crocodiles on farms. They have to go through an intensive breeding process, in order to supply the fashion industry with their demanded fabric, but also for meat.

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1 thought on “10 Cruel Animal Tourist Ventures People Still Go To”

  1. Humans have always been cruel to animals. God gave them to us to care for and be good stewards over, not abuse, hunt and kill. As a child the first abused animals I learned about were dogs, cats & horses. How sad that there is NO animal safe in this world. What ‘world animal rescues’ do for these animals, be they cats, dogs, horses, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, Hippos, Rhino’s, dolphins, wolves, seals, lions, tigers and soooo many more, is nothing short of amazing. A few bad apples can lead a species to extinction…I donate regularly to several animal rescue organizations and wish more people would. God bless those ‘in the trenches’ who do ALL the meaningful work.

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