10 Cruel Animal Tourist Ventures People Still Go To

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World Animal Protection decided to call for an end to the ongoing “irresponsible wildlife tourism” that occurs all over the globe. Because of it, a minimum of half a million animals have to suffer for the sake of our entertainment.

The group labeled all these animal attractions as “holiday horrors” because they are nothing but shows that are meant to entertain folks that visit these destinations, even if it means hurting animals in vicious ways.

In 2022, there shouldn’t be any room left for this kind of entertaining, especially since we’re speaking more often about the extinction of these species. Here are the 10 most cruel wildlife tourism attractions that need to stop:

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1 thought on “10 Cruel Animal Tourist Ventures People Still Go To”

  1. Humans have always been cruel to animals. God gave them to us to care for and be good stewards over, not abuse, hunt and kill. As a child the first abused animals I learned about were dogs, cats & horses. How sad that there is NO animal safe in this world. What ‘world animal rescues’ do for these animals, be they cats, dogs, horses, elephants, monkeys, giraffes, Hippos, Rhino’s, dolphins, wolves, seals, lions, tigers and soooo many more, is nothing short of amazing. A few bad apples can lead a species to extinction…I donate regularly to several animal rescue organizations and wish more people would. God bless those ‘in the trenches’ who do ALL the meaningful work.

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