These 9 Celebs Lost Their Homes Due to Devastating Disasters

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We all know that natural disasters can strike at any time, without us knowing about them, so we have no time to prepare for the potentially disastrous consequences. As incredible as our country is, it’s safe to say that sometimes is the place where a lot of bad things happen: tsunamis, earthquakes, and fires.

Whether we speak about celebrities, politicians, scientists, or ordinary people, we can all be victims of devastating disasters. On that note, there are plenty of famous people who have lost their homes to the wrath of mother nature.

We were curious to know more about their cases and we found some interesting info. Click on the next page to discover them, because here are 9 celebs who lost their homes due to devastating disasters:

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  1. The fires in California were more destructive than they should have been due to poor forestry policies practiced in California. Not removing the dead trees and undergrowth in many areas due to environmental concerns provided more fuel for each fire incident. The climate may have been a fraction of a degree warmer with less humidity than twenty five years ago, but climate change was a minuscule cause of the devastation. The science backs that up if one really wants to check. As AOC’s former chief of staff said to Governor Ainsley’s chief of staff: the green new deal and climate policies are not about saving the planet, but about controlling the economy.

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