These 9 Celebs Lost Their Homes Due to Devastating Disasters

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3. Scott Derrickson

Scott Derrickson is a famous American filmmaker, well-known for directing movies such as Deliver Us from Evil, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Doctor Strange, The Black Phone, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

The celeb is another victim of the Woolsey Fire, which also spread its flames to Thousand Oaks, California, the place where the filmmaker’s home was located. He was very surprised and happy when tons of people messaged him, asking him how he was feeling and offering him a place to stay.

The star was so moved by the amount of love and support he received that he shared it on his Twitter account, saying that he is beyond grateful and blessed to be safe and loved.

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1 thought on “These 9 Celebs Lost Their Homes Due to Devastating Disasters”

  1. The fires in California were more destructive than they should have been due to poor forestry policies practiced in California. Not removing the dead trees and undergrowth in many areas due to environmental concerns provided more fuel for each fire incident. The climate may have been a fraction of a degree warmer with less humidity than twenty five years ago, but climate change was a minuscule cause of the devastation. The science backs that up if one really wants to check. As AOC’s former chief of staff said to Governor Ainsley’s chief of staff: the green new deal and climate policies are not about saving the planet, but about controlling the economy.

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