These 9 Celebs Lost Their Homes Due to Devastating Disasters

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1. Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth is a popular Australian actor, best known for portraying Chris Taylor in the TV series Neighbours and also Gale Hawthorne in the beloved movie series called The Hunger Games.

He was married to singer and actress Miley Cyrus for 2 years, and the couple was together when his Malibu home burned down in 2018, due to the Woolsey Fire. That house was the couple’s love nest for a few years, and the tragic event cost them a lot of money.

According to several sources, the fire caused major damage to 341 structures and left 1643 residents homeless, including the beloved actor and his wife. The same source said that the celeb sold his 7.4-acre mansion in Malibu to an anonymous buyer for less than half the price he paid for the property in 2014 – $6.8 million.

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1 thought on “These 9 Celebs Lost Their Homes Due to Devastating Disasters”

  1. The fires in California were more destructive than they should have been due to poor forestry policies practiced in California. Not removing the dead trees and undergrowth in many areas due to environmental concerns provided more fuel for each fire incident. The climate may have been a fraction of a degree warmer with less humidity than twenty five years ago, but climate change was a minuscule cause of the devastation. The science backs that up if one really wants to check. As AOC’s former chief of staff said to Governor Ainsley’s chief of staff: the green new deal and climate policies are not about saving the planet, but about controlling the economy.

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