These 9 Celebs Lost Their Homes Due to Devastating Disasters

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8. Sir Richard Branson

Even though Sir Richard Branson is one of the most popular men in the United States, Mother Nature doesn’t care about fame: she destroyed the businessman’s properties twice. The first tragic incident happened in 2011 when lightning struck his house and caused extensive damage. Shortly after, the star said that his home was completely devastated by the fire.

A few years after the first event, in 2017, his resort was hit again, this time due to Category 5 Hurricane Irma, which tore across the area. He stated that the whole thing was powerful and calamitous, but that all the crew members that were on the island during the storm were safe and sound.

Sir Richard Branson wasn’t beaten down by the impressive powers of nature. He renovated the whole property, and now it looks better than ever. Is something like this even possible, you might ask? Well, the celeb proved to everyone that with a bit of work and dedication, everything can turn out well!

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  1. The fires in California were more destructive than they should have been due to poor forestry policies practiced in California. Not removing the dead trees and undergrowth in many areas due to environmental concerns provided more fuel for each fire incident. The climate may have been a fraction of a degree warmer with less humidity than twenty five years ago, but climate change was a minuscule cause of the devastation. The science backs that up if one really wants to check. As AOC’s former chief of staff said to Governor Ainsley’s chief of staff: the green new deal and climate policies are not about saving the planet, but about controlling the economy.

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