5 US States That Will Have EXTREME Weather This Year

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No.3: Illinois

When you look at the temperatures that have been recorded over the years and you look at the highest and the lowest ones, you would not think that Illinois would be above the other ones mentioned so far on our list. Yet, Illinois has scored 67.8 on the extreme weather scale; why is that?

While the temperatures may not impress some people (however, these ones of 117°F and -38°F respectively are still quite extreme when you think about it), the precipitation and snow levels in one hour weren’t the biggest either. What makes this state rank above others is the number of tornadoes they get: 9.7 on 10,000 square miles.

This is almost double when compared with South Dakota and Colorado, and when you couple it with the still extreme temperatures, one starts to realize why this is a state of extremes!

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