7 Awful Things That Happened on Christmas Day

christmas disasters
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The Lawson Family Murders

We mentioned earlier that a lot of bad things happened around the world on Christmas Day. But this murder in particular is very disturbing and gruesome at the same time, coming soon after they took a family photo at a downtown photo center. On the way home, the father, Charlie Lawson, shot all of his family members. Out of nowhere, apparently without any specific reason, he killed his daughters, his wife, his mother, and his sons. After doing this, he committed suicide. This awful event will remain a mystery until the very present moment.

Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

If you live in a certain area that’s prone to earthquakes or tornadoes, you probably know how nasty they can be. In 2004, right on Christmas Day, a huge earthquake (9.1 on the Richter scale) hit the west shores of Sumatra.

Even though one incident alone caused terrible devastation that was felt all along the shore, the catastrophe continued. Aftershocks persisted as a tsunami of enormous dimensions became stronger and tragically slammed into various nations bordering the Indian Ocean. And over 230,000 people died in the 14 nations that were affected by the earthquake and tsunami. one of the most devastating tsunamis in recorded history, and the calamity still has an impact on the area today; people were evacuated from their houses, individuals went missing, and entire communities were gone. Unfortunately, it was definitely a cursed Christmas for all those people.

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