7 Awful Things That Happened on Christmas Day

christmas disasters
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The beginning of an era: the KKK

Who would think of the KKK on Christmas? In 1865, in Pulaski, Tennessee, on Christmas Eve, former members of the Confederate Army started the formation of the KKK, a brand new group that would terrorize an entire nation in the next decade. They were totally against the rules that were formed after the Civil War ended, saying that “we don’t need to be around black people because they don’t have any rights.” This group was widely known as the Ku Klux Klan, and even nowadays, it still has members across the country.

Umar Farouk and the underwear bomb

When crowded planes aren’t bad enough for holiday travel, someone has to go above and beyond. This event took place in 2009, when a young boy named Umar Farouk tried to detonate a bomb that was hidden in his underwear. Fortunately, this wasn’t really a disaster simply because people around him heard weird noises like firecrackers and immediately reported them to the plane’s personnel.

The kid was covered in flames that soon spread throughout the entire plane. But the fire was cut short, and the plane managed to land without incident. Ultimately, Farouk was given a life sentence.

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