7 Awful Things That Happened on Christmas Day

christmas disasters
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Congo Christmas massacre

Not many people know about the “Lord’s Resistance Army,” a weird cult based on religious beliefs that terrified everybody in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These ruthless people managed to slaughter five entire villages right on Christmas Eve in 2008. They entered people’s houses and attacked them for no specific reason, killing almost 600 people in only two days. Various sources declared that besides using force, they also raped a lot of women before murdering them.

Iroquois Theater Fire, 1903

A lot of people love going to the cinema or theater during the winter holidays. The same was true 119 years ago. Around 2000 people went to see the premiere of the extraordinary musical “Mr. Blue Beard.” Even though it was supposed to be a funny and joyful representation, the show was a total disaster. Everything went swimmingly until one light bulb broke and ignited a curtain. The fire got to the ceiling pretty quick, and everybody panicked and wanted to go outside.

Unfortunately, most doors were locked because the theater had this policy during the shows, and those who couldn’t escape died of smoke intoxication. When the firemen arrived at the location, more than 500 people were dead, and 30 others had suffered serious injuries.

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