14 Worst Train Wrecks in History

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The Mikawashima Train Crash, Japan, 1962

The Mikawashima train crash was a multiple-train crash that occurred on May 3, 1962, close to Mikawashima Station in Arakawa, Tokyo. It involved a train and two other passenger trains, costing the lives of over 160 people.

The Tsurumi Rail Accident, Japan, 1963

A year after the train crash mentioned above, Japan had to deal with a Tsurumi rail accident that happened between Tsurumi Station and Shin-Koyasu Station on the Tōkaidō Main Line in Yokohama, around twenty miles south of Tokyo. In this terrible accident, two passenger trains crashed into a derailed freight train, killing around 162 people.

The Aracaju Train Crash, Brazil, 1946

The terrible Aracaju train crash, which happened on March 20, 1946, was by far the worst-ever rail disaster in Brazil, killing 185 people, and injuring other three hundred.

The Tenga Rail Disaster, Mozambique, 2002

This horrific rail disaster took place in Tenga, twenty-five miles northwest of Maputo, Mozambique, back in 2002. It caused 192 deaths and injured over 167 people. As the local authorities claimed, the crash was a direct result of human error, because of a maneuver that simply went wrong.

The Khanna Rail Disaster, India, 1998

The Khanna rail disaster happened at 3:15 on November 26, 1998, close to Khanna, directly on the Khanna-Ludhiana section of India’s Northern Railway in Punjab. There, a local express crashed into six derailed coaches of the Amritsar-bound Frontier Mail, because they were standing in its way. Over 212 people were tragically killed.

The Quintinshill Rail Crash, Scotland, 1915

The terrible rail disaster happened on May 22, 1915, closer to Gretna Green, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. There were five trains involved in the accident, killing over 226 people and injuring another 246. Up until this point, it’s the worst-ever rail crash in the entire United Kingdom.

The Lagny-Pomponne Railroad Disaster, France, 1933

The Lagny-Pomponne rail disaster happened on December 23, 1933. Its exact location was between Pomponne and Lagny-Sur-Marne. A 4-8-2 express locomotive that was heading to Strasbourg hit the rear of an auxiliary train bound for Nancy, with no less than 110km/hr. The accident had such a big impact on the French people, as both of those trains were loaded with people who were returning home for Christmas. Around 204 died and 120 were badly injured.

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