14 Worst Train Wrecks in History

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The El Virilla Train Accident, Costa Rica, 1926

The El Virilla train accident took place in Costa Rica on March 14, 1926, when a train full of farmers and laborers derailed, as it was crossing a bridge over the Virilla River Canyon. More than 248 died and 93 were badly injured. Up to this day, it’s still one of the deadliest train accidents in Costa Rica’s history.

The Genthin Train Disaster, Germany, 1939

The Genthin train disaster took place on the evening of December 21-22, claiming 278 lives.

The Igandu Train Disaster, Tanzania, 2002

The terrible Igandu train disaster happened in the early morning of June 24, 2002, in Tanzania. It has remained one of the worst rail accidents that ever happened in entire African history after 1,200 people that were on board dramatically rolled backward down a hill into a slow-moving goods train. A total of 281 people died that day.

The Gaisal Train Disaster, India, 1999

The Gaisal train disaster happened on August 2, 1999, when two trains that carried 2,500 people crashed at the remote station of Gaisal, 310 miles away from the city of Gauhati in Assam. The crash had such high speeds, that the trains instantly exploded on impact, killing over 290 people.

The Baku Metro Fire, Azerbaijan, 1995

The Baku Metro fire broke out in Baku’s subway system in Azerbaijan, on October 28, 1995. It occurred between the stations of Ulduz and Nariman Narimanov. As the official reports stated, the fire was at fault for the death of 286 people (including 28 kids), three rescue workers, and other 270 injured people. Apparently, the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction, but the authorities never ruled out the option of deliberate sabotage.

The Ciurea Rail Disaster, Romania, 1917

The Ciurea rail disaster took place on January 13, 1917, at the Ciurea station in Romania. It was a station with a passing loop on the main railway line that linked Iași to Bârlad. Around 601.000 passengers died in that crash and the fire that followed.

The Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne Derailment, France, 1917

The Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne derailment occurred on December 12, 1917. It was a tragedy that involved a troop train that carried a minimum of 1,000 French soldiers on their way home from the Italian front in WWI. The train derailed as it rapidly descended the Maurienne valley line. Over seven hundred people were fatally wounded.

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