6 Deadly Bioweapons the US Has Faced in the Past

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Ebola Virus

As already stated, Ebola and Marburg belong to the same virus family. Having a high mortality rate of 67%, Ebola seemed to be the perfect virus to be weaponized. The Soviet Union was well aware of that and having the necessary resources, it isolated Ebola. Basically, the Ebola got isolated in much the same manner as the Marburg virus. Fortunately, the Soviet Union never used it.

Due to recent Ebola outbreaks which took place in West Africa between 2014 and 2016, an incredible number of people got infected. That’s how US Army researchers gathered their forces to develop several different multi-drug therapies in order to combat Ebola and its spread.

Starting in 2019, two of those multi-drug therapies are still under development, and USAMRIID — one of the few US labs capable of running Ebola research — is doing its best to find a cure.

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