5 Signs of an Impending Worldwide Food Crisis

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Food insecurity occurs when someone doesn’t have regular access to a basic amount of nutritious food. When the food isn’t available anymore or isn’t affordable, that’s when we talk about food insecurity. When it comes to children, the result of food insecurity is absolutely devastating.

Lots of children suffer from severe weight loss, which is a direct consequence of malnutrition. If this lasts for too long, malnutrition might permanently affect a child’s growth and development. When food insecurity’s spread can’t be stopped, it might lead to famine.

Famine is by far the most extreme form of food insecurity: the complete lack of access to food. When famine set in, over 30% of the local population suffers from malnutrition, and people die of starvation, according to the World Food Programme. Here are some of the reasons why a global food crisis might set in:

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1 thought on “5 Signs of an Impending Worldwide Food Crisis”

  1. All this is part of grand plan for socialism. Starve citizen into submission. Get people use to Hunger. rise price to a point no on can live. Then state moves in. to save your family for loyalty to socialisms. Then people will give up all their rights for simple everyday needs. Isn’t this what Stalin did to control his people? Isn’t that what Demarcates do?

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