5 Most Dangerous Hotels in The US

Photo by Fotoluminate LLC from Shutterstock

4. The Driskill Hotel, Texas

Unfortunately, this hotel was one of those where people met their untimely demise. The story of two different brides who apparently committed suicide shortly after getting married and arriving here for their honeymoon; we’ll never know why they did it, but tourists who came here reported strange things happening around midnight in room 525.Who knows who it could be? Perhaps the brides or Colonel Driskill? What do you think?

Besides being another spooky place that you may want to avoid checking into, if you’re around Austin and you still want to see how it looks on the outside, the Driskill Hotel is definitely an imposing building that is highly appreciated for its Romanesque architecture. For those who don’t know, it was built in 1886 by Col. Jesse Driskill.

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