5 Most Dangerous Hotels in The US

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5. The Queen Mary, California

To round out our list of strange and eerie hotels in America, we chose the Queen Mary ocean liner located in Long Beach, California. Why? Because, believe it or not, there were plenty of rumors that this ship was haunted. And since everybody seemed interested in ghost stories and such, the hotel offers “ghostly tours” for a mind-bending experience. The Stateroom B340 is most likely well-known for the stories and paranormal activities that occurred there.

The room was closed for more than 10 years, but they reopened it for anybody who is looking for a creepy and interesting experience. Some people who slept there said that after midnight they felt a weird presence in the room, and everybody suspects it is Walter Adamson’s ghost, who died in this room of unknown causes. But the fun doesn’t end here because a lot of other places on the ship are haunted: the boiler room, the hatch door, the swimming pool, and the Mayfair room.

Would you dare to check in on this ship? Tell us in the comments.

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