5 Most Powerful Tsunamis in US History

Photo by Shumagin Islands from shutterstock.com

Shumagin Islands, Alaska

The Alaska-Aleutian subduction zone was struck by earthquakes of magnitude 8 or higher in 1938, 1946, 1957, 1964, and 1965. However, scientists don’t know very much about the ruptures that occurred west of Kodiak Island before the 20th century.

According to some incomplete Russian records, the region between East Central Kodiak Island and Sanak Island might have ruptured during two tsunami-producing earthquakes in the summer of 1788.

There is evidence from a number of geological surveys which suggests that the second earthquake that happened on August 6th, 1788, is more likely the cause of the tsunami that submerged the Shumagin and Sanak islands (350 and 450 miles southwest of Kodiak). As for the incident’s magnitude, studies determined the earthquake’s magnitude to be 8.0.

…Did you know about any of these tsunamis? 

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