7 Countries That Live in Warfare in 2022

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Unfortunately, warfare has been a fact of life since the dawn of time, when man discovered that he could be in an endless fight on the territory with his neighbor. So before the recent conflict in Ukraine, many countries were already struggling with an ongoing war.

It’s probably one of the worst things that can happen in this world because it’s the leading cause of poverty, hunger, and innocent death. If you want to know more about the countries that are currently living in warfare, we made a list that also includes the disastrous consequences and the reason why the war started in the first place:

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1 thought on “7 Countries That Live in Warfare in 2022”

  1. WWI was supposed to “…make the world safe for democracy…” and be “…the war to end all wars…” yet it’s said something like there has there been no war worldwide for only eight years in recorded history. Organizations like the United Nations and countries that have not experienced war first-hand; or for a very long time, have to get together and try to find ways to stop current wars and prevent future ones. It ‘s disgusting that after two major world wars; I and II, little or nothing has been done to stop wars since, like America questionably being in Vietnam for something like 14 years, and later again questionably twice in Iraq and then in Afghanistan hunting OBL but which lasted for about two decades. Russia has now started a war in Ukraine so the nature of humanity itself can be called into question not criticizing those who were against war and have historically done what they could to stop it.

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