6 Countries That Would Nuke US Right Now if They Could

countries that would nuke us
Photo by Nastya Smirnova RF from shutterstock.com

2. Iraq (Disapproval rating: 67.0%)

These two countries, Iraq and the United States, are known to have a long, long history of conflict. There were more conflicts between them. Following the Gulf War in 1991, the Iraq War broke out in 2003 and continued until American soldiers withdrew from Iraq in December 2011.

After the war ended, the US warned its citizens that traveling to Iraq was still dangerous because of the terrorist attacks and kidnapping threats. All of these conflicts and the pressure of the US Army are some of the factors that contributed to the not-so-good opinions of America.

Also, the political situation in Iraq is not the best, and most of its citizens disapprove of their leadership and believe that the elections were not fair.

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