5 Ships That Vanished Leaving No Trace

sinking ship
Photo by Everett Collection from Shutterstock

There’s something ghoulishly interesting about unexplained disappearances, and it seems that our enormous oceans provide endless space in which to vanish. A while back, there were some mysterious lost ships that left no trace and made people curious or even afraid to board any ship at all.

The true reason why all these ships got vanished will never be known, which leaves us speculating— is it piracy, accidental bombing, storms, mutiny, or the attack of a huge squid? Well, nobody knows. In any case, a large ship is more likely to disappear without leaving any trace than a large aircraft.  This is due to the ocean being incredibly deep in most places, which means it can definitely hide any trace.

Here are 5 ships that have vanished without leaving a trace!

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