5 Ships That Vanished Leaving No Trace

The Merchant Royal
Photo by Artiste2d3d from Shutterstock

2. The Merchant Royal

The Merchant Royal was assigned to transporting treasures from the New World to Spain. In 1641 the ship was filled with 400 bars of silver, 100,000 pounds of gold, and an enormous amount of precious jewels. It seems that the weather got bad as the Merchant Royal entered the English waters. On top of that, the pumps on board broke causing the ship to take on water.

That’s how the ship vanished beneath the waves, and nobody could find any trace since then. Since the ship was loaded with such valuable cargo, it’s needless to say that countless people have tried to find the wreck. Nobody could find anything, which means the Merchant Royal‘s unimagined riches still await discovery.

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