5 Ships That Vanished Leaving No Trace

Photo by George Dolgikh from Shutterstock

4. Andrea Gail

The Andrea Gail was a 72-foot boat that fished for swordfish in the North Atlantic. In September 1991, during the season’s last fishing session, the ship, along with many other fishing boats, set out from Gloucester, Massachusetts.

By October, the six-man crew and the Andrea Gail were out off Newfoundland’s coast, when terrible weather conditions created what has been called “the perfect storm”. The tremendously powerful winds were churning up waves up to 100 feet high and any boat caught in their path risked being pulled into the wave.

After the worst of the storm had passed, the Andrea Gail seemed to be missing. There were several rescue operations meant to find the wreck — but no trace was ever found.

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