5 Ships That Vanished Leaving No Trace

The Witchcraft yacht
Photo by UVgreen from Shutterstock

3. The Witchcraft

In December 1967, two friends decided to enjoy the holiday lights placed along the coast of Miami. They were Dan Burack, an experienced yachtsman, and Father Patrick Horgan, his friend. They set off aboard the Witchcraft, a 23-foot luxury yacht. Unluckily, after just one mile of sailing, the two encountered problems when it appeared as if the boat had hit something big.

They phoned the Miami Coast Guard to report the incident and request assistance. According to the police officer who took the call, Burack seemed unconcerned as he was reporting the trouble.

19 minutes after the call, the Coast Guard arrived there, and they were surprised to see no trace of the Witchcraft and no sign of those two men. Nothing, not even debris. There were intense search efforts over the next 7 days, but nothing was found.

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