5 Scary Airplane Facts The Crew Is Trying to Hide

airplane facts
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2. The water is not that…clean

If the blanket thing was gross, you might get ready for this one! A 2019 study called the Airline Water Study discovered that tap water quality is quite “bad” on both big and regional U.S. carriers. And trust me, because I put it mildly now! They discovered different concentrations of coliform and E. coli, both of which were present in our bowels.

Can it possibly go worse? Of course. The water used for handwashing and brewing hot beverages, such as coffee and tea, is delivered by taps in the cafeteria and restrooms. I guess I finally understand why so many stewardesses purposefully choose not to consume all these “deliciously tasty” drinks. So, next time you’re planning to travel by airplane, better bring your own water bottle!

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